Episode 8: Anticipated Movies of 2010

In this episode, we change things up and talk about each of our top ten most anticipated movies of 2010.

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Adam's List:

10) The Expendables
9) Cop Out
8) Predators (Carter mistook Adrian Brody for Cillian Murphy during the recording, whoops)
7) Clash of the Titans
6) Alice in Wonderland
5) The Last Airbender
4) Robin Hood
3) Iron Man 2
2) Shutter Island
1) Inception

Carter's List:

10) Red Dawn
9) Green Zone
8) Robin Hood
7) Iron Man 2
6) Toy Story 3
5) Inception
4) Shutter Island
3) The A-Team
2) Kick-Ass
1) The Expendables

Next time: We get down with our revolutionary sides and celebrate Adam's trip to Cuba by talking about Steven Soderbergh's epic-length Che

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